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Battle of Fallen Timbers/Commemoration Speech
The Fallen Timbers Battlefield Archaeological Project at Heidelberg College.

Bruce Hallman's homepage
(This site has a couple of historical links, recipes and poetry of the Aboriginal nature you might want to look into.)

Multicultural Education (Multicultural Pavilion)
Because "Multicultural Education" has come to have many different meanings and conceptualizations as it evolves, I feel it is important to provide insight into a number of different definitions, goals, assumptions and principles of multicultural education as described by various people in the field.
(The most comprehensive multicultural resource site for parents and teachers that I have ever found - hands down.)

Northwest Resistance Digitizaton Project: A Database of Materials Held by the University of Saskatchewan Libraries
The purpose of this site is to improve access to materials relating to the Northwest Resistance of 1885 held by the Special Collections Department of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries and the University of Saskatchewan Archives. It contains a searchable database of bibliographic records. A number of the items have been digitized (such as photographs) and transcriptions of others are available as HTML documents. These images and texts are appended to the appropriate records in the database.

The Avalon Project : Chronology of American History
American History : A Documentary Record 1492 - 1988. (All of which is a part of The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy who is a cooperating partner of the International Relations and Security Network ISN. The International Relations and Security Network (ISN) is an initiative designed to promote the free flow of unclassified information and to facilitate cooperation through training and education using modern information technology.)

The Indian Reserve Commission Census -- 1877
(Part of Living Landscapes Museum: Human and Natural History of the Thompson/Okanagan Regions of BC. A partnership project between the Royal British Columbia Museum and Okanagan University College)

Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia / University of Missouri
The Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Columbia, a joint collection of the University of Missouri and the State Historical Society of Missouri, is a repository of primary historical documents pertaining to the history of Missouri and available to the public for historical research.

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