Aboriginal Spirituality
7 Sources.

Creation Mythologies Around the World
Dedicated to the religiously impaired, i.e., those who still insist there is only one correct story of creation and that everyone else is going to hell.

National Archeological Database: Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act module
The NAGPRA module of the National Archeological Database provides full text documents related to the Act under five categories: Legal Mandates, Guidance, Submissions, Notices, and Review Committee.

Native American Repatriation & Reburial: A Bibliography
The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) was signed into law in November 1990 by President George Bush. It protects burial sites on federal and tribal lands and creates a process for repatriating cultural items, including artifacts and human remains, to native tribes.

Ojibway Ceremonies
( Ojibway Links is available as are others, but all of them work.)

(A brief story.)

Welcome to Puvungna!
Puvungna is the Indian village which once occupied the land where Cal State Long Beach now stands. Puvungna remains sacred to the Gabrielino and other Indian people as a spiritual center from which their lawgiver and god -- Chungichnish -- instructed his people.

Welcome to the Repatriation Office Webpage
The National Museum of Natural History established its Repatriation Office in the Department of Anthropology in the fall of 1991 to carry out the repatriation provisions of the National Museum of the American Indian Act (NMAI Act). Repatriation at the Museum is a collaborative process in which Museum staff work with tribal representatives to determine the disposition of human remains and cultural objects under the law. Cooperative relations founded upon the repatriation effort promise to strengthen the Native voice and perspective at the Smithsonian, an institution historically committed to understanding and interpreting Native cultures of the Americas and the world.

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