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I've done even more tweaks recently. You may recall, last time I renamed some indices, moved others around a bit and even added a new index, (which will be underlined), as will all new indices.

This time around, as you can see, I've once again re-designed the front page. Why, you may ask? Well, simply put, I want this site to be 'readable' with software used by the vision impaired. I feel this segment of the World's population have been grossly neglected by webmasters. Here, at My Academic Only Home, I intend to do something about that.

I've also become aware that, not only is the Internet being increasingly used by those who suffer from varying degrees of vision impairments requiring software, but also by those afflicted with deuteranopia, protanopia, protoanomaly, deuteranomaly, as well as the more rare tritanopia. These forms of color blindedness can make surfing the Internet extremely difficult. A problem that can easily be corrected by webmasters. WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind (home) has some excellent places to begin.

Having said that, I will be making every effort to correct any such deficiencies as they may appear on this site.

In order to improve the sites search function, I've re-added the ' Old Simple Search ' form and the Advanced Search as well. (Graciously provided by: Atomz).

Sites presented here are what I've found to be either - beneficial, in and of themselves, or a very good resource portal to get you to where you may wish to go. There are a few sites duplicated in other indices, but this is unavoidable due to overlap.

As usual, if there is a site you feel would enhance this multum in parvo while meeting the criteria, a link which has broken or moved, or just to make a civil comment, please write. Simply C&P my addy into your e-mail client and make the appropriate changes.

Standard annotations come from individual sites and parentheticals from me.

I will do everything within my power to keep this site ad and or banner free and always 100% free of bandwidth theft.

Sites are reviewed periodically. I believe it is my duty to provide a clear path to the relevant material. While resources contained herein are screened for academic value, I feel you should always apply those 'Critical Thinking' skills you have to 'everything' you experience on the net. You know...."Take it with a grain of salt" so to speak.

That's my disclaimer, this is my personal philosophy and my town.

Maintaining a website is tough enough without doing battle with those cursed spambots! GRrrr! While I have been diligent in fighting UCE/SPAM'ers, managing to nail several a month (and they really do "Taste Like Chicken"), it has just become too time consuming. Point being, it's not my prowess at nailing spammers that is important here, but reducing spam overall. Since removing the mailto: links, this sites UCE/SPAM has dropped drastically.

I'd be delighted if you'd like to link to my site, asking that you use only the root url:

...and this, as the citation:

"A Kids safe, fully searchable and translatable site loaded with all manner of academic information from 'Home School' to 'Grad School'. No slow loading images, annoying music, banner ads, or pop-ups. Just an ever-growing selection of the best academic resources available for the Internet savvy student (...or their parents) of today, and it's all-FREE! Sites are screened for academic value."

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