First, let me say I've owned and maintained this domain since September of 1998 and have enjoyed every moment of it. Wellllll, maybe not every moment. Sites do tend to come and go frequently, making it a chore sometimes just keeping up with them, but I do what I can.

Lately, there have been some UCE/SPAM bounces coming to one of my e-mail accounts suggesting that UCE/SPAM sent from 'at'myacademiconlyhomepagecom. I can assure you that any mail, let alone UCE/SPAM, reported to have come from my domain is pure spoofing/forgery. I have never sent any e-mails from this domain.

   Anyway, there are an increasing number of sites, which have added pop-ups/unders/overs for items ranging from - 'your own name' e-mail addresses to cameras - among others. Personally, I'm the kind of guy who uses the Internet to learn - not earn. Thus, you've never seen pop-ups/unders/overs on my domain and you never will. I absolutely hate wading through them or, for that matter, configuring software to thwart them.

   During the last few weeks I have discovered some sites have begun using pop-unders, javascripted ads not appearing in your system tray until some time after you've left the offending site. (Obviously, not specifically related to that site.)

   An example of this behavior is/was "History Timelines on the Web ... The History Beat", whom I've removed from my History (A to I) Index for using pop-unders, in this case it was adware. [Here is an excerpt from HTotW's actual coding - "FASTCLICK.COM POP-UNDER CODE v1.6 for"].

   Let me make an important distinction here: If a site throws a pop-up providing you with more information about that particular site (such as registration requirements or the like), it will remain. If it throws one speaking to any aspect not specifically relative to the site, the offending site will be removed - post haste.

   Historically, I have not added links, such as those hosted by Angelfire, for just that reason. Tripod is a bit much to stomach too, but some of my old friends have their work hosted there, so I've left them alone.

   Having said that - this site will no longer put up links to sites containing pop-ups/overs/unders regardless of the value of their content. There are a multitude of replacements out there.

   Further, other than those instances already mentioned, I have begun removing existing links currently containing pop-ups/unders/overs. My intentions are to make this the best no-nonsense site containing the finest educational resources I can find. It's just that simple.

   While I'm thinking about it - before anyone writes me extolling the virtues of a free economy, or how site owners need the money to defray costs, etc., remember that there are two sides to everything and this is my side of the issue. I pay all my own expenses, write my own code in delivering quality material to my viewers and I do it without obnoxious banner-ads or pop-ups/unders/overs. Make no mistake, I am not even remotely wealthy or well-to-do, but if I can do it, so can others. Period. Cut and dried, end of story. I hope that doesn't sound too contrite, but that's the way it is.

   On another note - I strongly urge pc users to take advantage of the freeware called - Ad-aware, or whatever similar software you may choose. This free software will weed out spying/surveillance cookies that actually report back and/or sell your surfing habits to the implanter/banner ad of the sites you visit! For furthur information - Spyware Watch (UK). Here are just two stories you might like to read: 1. News: DoubleClick to settle privacy suits and 2. Michigan Moves Against DoubleClick, both of which, while somewhat dated, may give you insight to this ever-growing problem.

   Mind you, I fully realize that cookies are somewhat necessary when perusing the Internet, but to implant any type of surveillance cookie (that spies on me), is beyond acceptance and I urge all Internet users to stand firm against this misuse of our browsers.

   If you don't like your browser being branded, do not download or install Net M@nager for any reason. I can tell you from personal experience this application has branded my browser and it will take some strong and perilous measures to rid myself of it. While you're at it take a gander at this site for additional information: SpywareInfo - BHOs explained.

Thank you for taking the time to read my view.

This page will only get updated when pop-ups are a thing of the past.
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