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AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics
AgEcon Search is designed to electronically distribute reports of scholarly research in the field of agricultural economics. Agricultural WWW Search Engine
Welcome to a WWW search engine specifically geared to help users find agricultural products and services on the internet.

Aggie Horticulture
Texas A&M Horticulture program.

AgNIC System Engine
AgNIC is a guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet as selected by the National Agricultural Library, Land-Grant Universities, and other institutions. - Organizing Agricultural Resources on the Internet at
AGRIBIZ provides essential information for the commercial grain trader, grain producer and educator interested in increasing knowledge, productivity and returns.

AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a machine-readable database of bibliographic records created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators. Production of these records in electronic form began in 1970, but the database covers materials dating from the 16th century to the present. The records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, alternative farming practices, and food and nutrition.

Agriculture Business Directory
A listing of companies and consultants in the agriculture and food service industry, searchable by Name, Geographic Location, Agriculture Category, and Business Description.

Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library
Market Information Sources Available Through the Internet: Daily To Yearly Market and Outlook Reports, Prices, Commodities and Quotes.
Written and managed by Jean-Charles Le Vallée, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University.

Agripedia: An Agricultural Resource | University of Kentucky | College of Agriculture
AGRIPEDIA has been created to allow students enrolled in agriculture courses to tap resources across the country in an integrated, interactive learning resource on the Internet. AGRIPEDIA strives to be an "encyclopedia of agriculture" that presents facts, figures, demonstrations, examples, graphics, and more regarding the concepts, practices, and vocabulary of agriculture in a multimedia format using audio clips, graphics, text and animation.

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Home Page
If It's About AG It's Here A web site designed with farmers in mind. Ropin' the Web has everything you need to stay on top of your Agri-business.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University
Click on Internet, Student or Department to go into to the various sections of this website.

Economic Research Service (USDA)
The USDA Economic Research Service is your official source for economic analysis and information on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. - The Best Ag resource
Agriculture site where farmers can obtain news, commodities and research information. They can find information about corn and soybeans to beef and pigs for their farm.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in October 1945 with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations. - Search The Internet
Everything You Need For The Farm. Free Classifieds, Local Cash Grains, Weather and More.

Gramene was funded by the USDA IFAFS programme to create a curated, open-source, Web-accessible data resource for comparative genome analysis in the grasses. Data formerly in RiceGenes is now integrated in Gramene. Our goal is to facilitate the study of cross-species homology relationships using information derived from public projects involved in genomic and EST sequencing, protein structure and function analysis, genetic and physical mapping, interpretation of biochemical pathways, gene and QTL localization and descriptions of phenotypic characters and mutations.

International Arid Lands Consortium Home Page
Home page of the International Arid Lands Consortium, supporting ecological sustainability in arid and semiarid lands worldwide.

LSU Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
WELCOME TO LSU Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, the flagship program of the State of Louisiana.

(NAPIS) Pest index page
Brought to you by National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS). The National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) is a limited access database. Information access IS indirectly available via a set of authorized users that include state and federal plant regulatory officials and members of the land-grant university system.
(Contiained within the 'Pest index' are links to Plant Protection and Quarantine Home Page and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA.)

National Agricultural Library
The National Agricultural Library was created as the departmental library for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1862 and became a national library in 1962. One of four national libraries of the United States (with the Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, and the National Library of Education), it is also the coordinator for a national network of State land-grant and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) field libraries. In its international role, the National Agricultural Library serves as the U.S. center for the international agricultural information system, coordinating and sharing resources and enhancing global access to agricultural data. The National Agricultural Library's collection of over 3.3 million items and its leadership role in information services and technology applications combine to make it the foremost agricultural library in the world.

National Agricultural Statistics Service for U.S. Agriculture Statistical Information and Graphics
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Information. NASS publications cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional crops, such as corn and wheat, to specialties, such as mushrooms and flowers; from calves born to hogs slaughtered; from agricultural prices to land in farms. The agency has the distinction of being known as The Fact Finders of U.S. Agriculture due to the abundance of information we produce. The National Agricultural Statistics Service's mission is to serve the United States, its agriculture, and its rural communities by providing meaningful, accurate, and objective statistical information and services.

The National AgLaw Center
The National AgLaw Center is the only agricultural and food law research and information facility that is independent, national in scope, and directly connected to the national agricultural information network. The Center conducts objective legal research and provides timely, accurate, and non-partisan agricultural and food law information to those in the agricultural community. The Center is staffed by a team of law and research professors, lawyers, other specialists, and research fellows from the University of Arkansas School of Law Graduate Program in Agricultural Law.

National Center for Farmworker Health
The National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit corporation located in Austin, Texas. The corporation was originally established in 1975 to develop a computerized medical record transfer system for migrant farmworkers.

NCRG Homepage
The National Center for Genome Resources is deciphering the secret languages of agricultural plenty, a cleaner environment, and improved health -- for everyone. Our staff work in a new field, bioinformatics, that merges biology and computers to apply genetic data to humanity's best possible advantage. NCGR is a nonprofit research organization in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Ohio State University WebGarden
WebGarden provides a growing collection of resources for beginning and professional gardeners, students, teachers, professional agronomists and horticulturists.

Rothamsted Research
Rothamsted Research (formerly the Institute of Arable Crops Research) provides high quality scientific research relevant to plant-based agriculture with the objective of achieving improvements in rural and agricultural economies that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

TRFIC Home Page
The Mission of The Retail Food Industry Center is to become the leading source of knowledge on how food reaches consumers effectively and efficiently. Through research and educational programs, our goal is to help develop leaders for tomorrow's retail food industry.

The Garden Gate
The Garden Gate is a non-commercial service provided for the enjoyment and edification of recreational gardeners everywhere. The Garden Gate does not attempt to provide the visitor with a comprehensive list o' links. Instead, I select only those Web sites that offer substantive, high-quality content to visiting gardeners in a well-organized and user-friendly way. I generally tend not to list commercial sites unless they carry a substantial 'information payload'.

The National Agricultural Library Homepage
As the Nation's primary source for agricultural information, the National Agricultural Library (NAL) has a mission to increase the availability and utilization of agricultural information for researchers, educators, policymakers, consumers of agricultural products, and the public. The Library is one of the world's largest and most accessible agricultural research libraries and plays a vital role in supporting research, education, and applied agriculture.

Today's Market Prices
Today's Market Prices is an agricultural databank dedicated to growers, shippers, wholesalers, exporters, researchers, scholars and all people interested in up-to-date information on Fruit and Vegetables.

UF/IFAS Home Page
The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is a federal, state, and local government partnership dedicated to education, research and extension.

United States Department of Agriculture's Homepage
Agricultural information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

U.S. National Dairy Database
The National Dairy Database is a large collection of the best and most up-to-date dairy production publications available from across the US. All publications were authored by top dairy experts and reviewed by a panel of top experts in that area.

Virginia Cooperative Extension
('Information Resources' is where the wide assortment of data is located.)

WWW Virtual Library: Agriculture
This page is maintained by the NSF Center for Integrated Pest Management, located at North Carolina State University. The NSF Center for IPM maintains websites for a number of nonprofit, ag-related organizations.

Welcome to the National Center for Genome Resources
The National Center for Genome Resources is deciphering the secret languages of agricultural plenty, a cleaner environment, and improved health -- for everyone. Our staff work in a new field, bioinformatics, that merges biology and computers to apply genetic data to humanity's best possible advantage. NCGR is a nonprofit research organization in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Worldwide Agricultural Machinery & Farm Equipment Directory
Comprehensive directory of agricultural machinery manufacturers covering farm machinery and farm equipment including tractors, tractor parts, combine harvesters, cultivation equipment, planters, grain storage and over 200 more categories.

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