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CECM Research Projects
The Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), a Simon Fraser University research centre within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is located at SFU's Burnaby Campus in British Columbia (Canada).

Centura Bank (Financial calculators that make planning easy)
Centura has developed some easy-to-use calculators which help determine how much you can borrow, or how much you should invest for particular financial goals.

The Integrator
Mathematica's Integrate function represents the fruits of a huge amount of mathematical and computational research. It doesn't do integrals the way people do. Instead, it uses powerful, general algorithms that often involve very sophisticated math. There are a couple of approaches that it quite often takes.

The Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate.
Use this calculator to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities. On this page, you select origin and destination countries.

Unit Conversions and Calculations from MegaConverter megaCalculator megaKidstuff
The minimum requirement for using megaConverter is a computer, an Internet connection and Netscape Navigator 3.0 or newer or Internet Explorer 3.0 or newer. Your browser must be set with JavaScript and frames enabled. Many of the unique features of do not work in Internet Explorer, but for the most part the converters do work. The megaCalculator currently only works in Netscape 3.0 or newer but Don is working on a Java (instead of JavaScript) version that should work fine in IE 3.0 or newer.

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