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Welcome to Ayna
First Arabic search engine and directory, most active Arabic Intenet community. Ayna offers free Arabic-enabled email, Arabic discussion forums, free personal webpages, Arabic-enabled chatrooms, Arabic greeting cards, and more. Ayna is distinguished from other sites in that its services are purely in Arabic and easy to use, consequently the greater number of its visitors are from Arabic countries.

WoYaa! Africa Search : The African Internet Portal, search engine and Web Sites Directory
WoYaa!'s mission is to promote Digital Africa by easing and making cost-effective navigation and communication as well as increasing the visibility of African web sites and resources.
(Links to each of these countries can be found at the bottom of the page.)
Global Search Engine Partners: Australia | Brazil | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan Korea | Malaysia | New Zealand | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand. : Search Alaska & Canada
Alaska Search Engine : Canada Search Engine. Arabs Portal, Search Engine & Directory
Pan Arab Internet Guide, Covering 22 Arab Countries. The largest Arabic Portal, Search Engine & Directory In The Arab World. Search In Arabic & English Languages.

ArabSites Search Engine for the Middle East
Search Engine for the Arab and Islamic World. Providing Arabia and the Arab countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Asia with quick access to hundreds of Arab Web sites.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
A global collaborative project which provides access in bibliographic and in hypertext terms to networked scholarly documents, resources and information systems concerned with or relevant to Asian Studies.
This facility is provided by the Australian National University (ANU) and is updated almost daily. Its pages are optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks.

Australia and New Zealand Web Enquiry Research System
Australian, New Zealand and world documents on the Web.

Garriga's Australian Beyond ...The BlackStump Search Australia
Authors words: The site is essentially a reference site to things I find interesting presented in a way that (hopefully) makes resources quick to load (not too many graphics!) and find.

Cowleys Australian Search
Australia's own structured Web directory. Search by subject, keyword and new entries.

Travel Australia The Australian Tourism Net
The premier guide for travel in Australia.

Web Wombat - The Original Australian Search Engine
Australian Search Engine.

Africa Online (Namibia)
Africa Online, Zimbabwe, Africa, Internet Services, News and Information, Business and Finance, Computing, Travel, Sports, Education, Health, Music, Women, Kids, Services, Chat.



Bienvenu / Welcome - The Atlas of Canada - L'Atlas du Canada
Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site) is the Internet electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services.

National - Network
Canadian Search Engine, Free E-mail, And Canada's News. The site is a full service portal for personalized information and services including Canadian and international news, financial data, online shopping, free e-mail, career postings, a business and people directory - and more. With an average of 40 million page impressions and over 2.3 million unique users per month, is Canada's gateway to the World Wide Web.
The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites.

An International Directory of Search Engines with 1,500 Listings!
(Countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe!)

Yahoo! Chinese


Yahoo! Danmark

E offers a selection of 300 websites, an academic directory, online courses and other services for business with Central and Eastern Europe. - Your Internet Link to Egypt is an Internet/Web solutions company focused upon the successful integration of high-performance telecommunications and software technology for the advancement of our customer's businesses.

Egypt: Egypt Web Search ( Egypt search ) & Egyptian Internet Directory ( Egypt Web Directory, or Egypt Directory )
Egypt: egypt web search engine (Egypt search) and web directory with links to Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm, Sinai, maps, travel, ancient Egypt, business, entertainment, tours, Egyptian news, egypt hotels, restaurants & dive centers.

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
Presents Tour Egypt, the Official Egypt Web Site on Egyptian Travel.

Egyptsearch - Egypt Information Search
Egypt's Search Engine, Culture, Tourism, Governarates, business and environment.

Europa - The European Union On-line
The Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors and other bodies of the European Union (EU) invite you to visit their server.

European Pages Online
Selected Internet resources around Europe.

European Union Internet Resources
EU Servers & Institutions, EU Documents on the Web, EU Journals Legislative Information, Servers of Interest in or from EU Countries and other items of interest.

EuroSeek ™ - English
(15 categories and is searchable in 40 different languages simultaneously!)

Ezilon - Europe, European Union search engine and directory
Europe English language search engine and directory of western Europe. European Union and Eurozone countries search engine links websites listings directory. - Egyptian web site directory, news, free email, stocks, and more...
Egyptian web site directory complete with free email, egyptian news, stocks, and more!

Welcome to the Euro
Coins - Notes - Sign, Conversion rates, Euro converter, Reference Texts, Speeches, Press Releases, Quest - questions & answers.

Council of Europe Portal
The Council of Europe covers all major issues facing European society other than defence. Its work programme includes the following fields of activity: human rights, media, legal co-operation, social and economic questions, health, education, culture, heritage, sport, youth, local democracy and transfrontier co-operation, the environment and regional planning.

SOURCE EGYPT -- The egyptian Search Engine wants to help the world to find Egyptian resources on the web.


Virtual Finland - Information about Finland - Facts about Finland
Virtual Finland - facts about Finland. Daily news, arts and entertainment features and other useful information. FINFO - Finland Information Pages: a comprehensive source of information about Finland that you can trust. Feature articles by independent specialists ensure that what you read in FINFO is objective, original, interesting and factual. Virtual Finland is produced by the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

France Diplomatie - Ministère des Affaires étrangères [English]

FranceLink : Portail francophone
(Links to TV & Radio Broadcasts, Weather, The Press, Education and much more...only in French.) - Le guide franais du net


FORTHnet Directory
FORTHnet Directory - The Greek Internet directory.

WWW-Server in Deutschland

German Internet Project | Deutsches Internet-Projekt
(A very nice and easily navigated site from University of North Carolina.)

German Internet Trails. Andreas Lixl
Listed here are some of the most useful interdisciplinary German resources on the World Wide Web. These literature and culture trails are designed for everyone who likes to explore the Internet as a virtual language laboratory or engage in research and study projects, including Germanistik and literary theory or online museums. Younger readers can connect to children's pages on the KinderWeb, others can join German Chatrooms, and work through German Web Exercises on various levels of proficiency, or look for multimedia Teaching Tools and Software links. The Internet Guide to Greece and the Greek Islands
Everything you always wanted to know about Greece: nature, culture, people, education, entertainment, business, news, history, and travel information. GoGreece, the starting point for anything Greek on the Internet.

Pathfinder - The Greek Portal Site.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: German Subject Catalogue
Universität Karlsruhe.

XGR:Your Internet Portal to Greece
With over 5,000 listings and more than 2,000,000 pages served our hellenic directory is one of the hottest out there.


Doras Directory of Irish Website
A definitive directory of Irish and Irish related websites with categories including business, arts & culture, recruitment and genealogy. Make Doras your first stop in finding Ireland on the web.

iGuide - Israeli Internet Guide
Israeli Internet Guide and Search engine in English and Hebrew. Provides a updated complete and categorical lists of Israeli sites, maps of ISPs, news.

Jewish Community Online's Internet Resources
Jewish Community Online, which owns and operates the web site, is part of Jewish Renaissance Media, a leading gatherer and disseminator of unique, useful and engaging information for and about the American Jewish community. - Quality Jewish & Israeli Weblinks
A Great Website for Quality Links related to all aspects of being Jewish.

Northern Ireland Office (UK)
The Northern Ireland Office is the office of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (UK).

NU?! - The Jewish Portal
The Jewish Agency for Israel.

The Israeli Government's Official Website, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israeli Government Website, maintained by the Government of Israel's Information Division, providing a broad range of information about Israel, its people, and comprehensive material on Israeli government policies and foreign relations.


Guide To Japan
We offer about 200 pages with illustrated, general information about most aspects of modern and traditional Japan.


Yahoo! Korea

L - Empty


Ajeeb Site the biggest middle East-based portal on the net that offers a wealth of information on the region and bring the largest part of the World Wide web to the community and satisfy their demand to understand the internet in their own language.

Malaysia? = CARI!! Search
CARI's mission is to provide a current, one-point-location, easy-to-search site for all Malaysians and all Internet surfers around the world. Most of the web pages that listed here are created and maintained by Malaysian. However, non-Malaysian sites are welcome to add their URL here.

MavenSearch - Jewish Web Directory and Search Engine
MavenSearch is the leading Jewish Web Directory and Search Engine.

Iguana Mxico-Directorio de Bsqueda
Iguana has more than 25,000 documents or pages of mexican sites in the database.

Middle East Internet Pages - Add Arabic Web Sites, Search the Middle East
The Middle East Internet Pages - The most comprehensive and informative Middle East Directory. Search here for information regarding - Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. Coming Soon......Israel, Palestine and Syria. Search on the PeopleDetective for Middle Eastern email addresses. Add your own Middle East related web site link instantly. Advertise on the top Middle Eastern Directory.

Province of Manitoba | Home page
The official homepage of the Government of Manitoba.

The Middle East Information Network
The Middle East Information Network, an online gateway to the Middle East.


Ilse, de Internet index van Nederland.

New Zealand on the Web
From here you can choose from the various guidebooks and read more about beautiful New Zealand.

New Zealand Parliament Home Page
Welcome to the Internet site for New Zealand's House of Representatives.

ODIN - Official Documentation and Information from Norway
ODIN is the central web-server for the Norwegian Government, the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries.

O - Empty


Les Pages de Paris / The Paris Pages (TM)
The Paris Pages are now more than seven thousand in number. In them you can find diverse information about la ville Lumire - The City of Light. To help you find what you are looking for, they are organized in a way which should make this easy.


Site officiel du gouvernement du Québec - Official Website of the Government of Québec


Dazhdbog's Grandsons
NOTE !!! Much of the materials you can find here is in Russian. If you don't know how to force Mosaic or Netscape to display Cyrillic letters, you definitely have to take a look to the section of the server that explains the russification details.

Friends and Partners
Welcome to Friends and Partners, jointly developed by citizens of the US and Russia to promote better understanding between the people of our countries.

Search area is "russian Internet" - it means 'su' & 'ru' domains, former USSR domains (e.g. 'ua', 'kz') and Web-sites in other domains containing russian texts of any kind. Yandex "understands" russian morphology and different russian code pages.


Information about SwitzerlandCountries
General Information about Switzerland, including facts about Geography, History, People, Government, Administrative Divisions, Economy, Education, Food and Holidays.

Radar - Bsquedas Internationales

Scottish Executive (UK)
This site makes available a range of reference material and other information which explains what the Scottish Executive does, how it does it, who is responsible for what and how the role of the organisation has changed because of devolution. The site includes recent publications, news releases, contact details and background information, which will help you understand the new outlook of the Scottish Executive and how it relates to you. You will be able to participate in public consultations and offer your views, provide feedback on using the Scottish Executive site or request further information on topics. You will also be able to trace the devolution process through archived material and can access past publications by The Scottish Office through this site. - The Swiss Search Engine
Deutsch, Franais, Italiano & English.

Welcome to CiberCentro, your guide to all Spanish speaking countries!
We began in 1995 as one of the first directories in Spanish, based out of Miami, FL. Since then, the internet has developed greatly in most of these countries and now they have their own directories and search engines. We do not try to duplicate their fine efforts, instead we have collected some favorite links from each country and include those here. Also included are the major search engines and directories from each country. These are the best sources when looking for local information.

Welcome to SUNET Index of Swedish WWW Resources!
This index only lists Swedish resources.

Yoodle : The Search Index of Switzerland
Geographical and Thematic Index of Resources about Switzerland.

Yahoo! en espaol

T - Empty

U - (All UK based Search Engines now reside in their own index.)

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W - Empty

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Yu Search Engine - Yu Internet Pretrazivac - is the best and only internet search engine, specialized for Yu cyberspace. If you want to find informations or resources on the internet, releted to Yugoslavia, this is the best starting point.

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