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Alternative Technology Association's Web Page
Established in 1980, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a non-profit community group that aims to use and promote environmentally friendly technology. We are interested in renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and water; building with natural materials and conserving energy. The ATA has around one thousand members across Australia, conducts regular meetings, workshops and courses, and produces a range of educational publications.
(This site is a fair representation of measures which can be taken to enhance our chances of reaching ultimate sustainability. The 'Links' button will take you to a huge assortment of those measures.)

ATSDR - HazDat Database
ATSDR's Hazardous Substance Release and Health Effects Database.

Australian Heritage Commission
(This site is a very comprehensive assembly of all manner of information ranging from Air Quality & Biodiversity to Climate Change & World Heritage and is brought to you by Department of Environment and Heritage of the government of Australia.)

Best Environmental Directories
Selection of best internet environmental directories (list of lists), for more than 650 environmental subjects.
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Brown Is Green - Campus Environmental Stewardship
Brown University's commitment to promoting campus environmental responsibility and resource conservation, Brown Is Green, is a cooperative effort by all departments, staff, students, and faculty. Established in 1990, Brown Is Green program is Brown's educational and advocacy program which links student research and education efforts with administrative offices. The goal is to implement programs that reduce the environmental risks of operations. BIG has the support and guidance of a BIG committee, consisting of faculty, students and administration. The Department of Plant Operations manages the Brown Recycling Program and implements many of the resource conservation efforts. More information on the program is available in the specific conservation topics.

Center for Environmental Citizenship (CEC)
The Center for Environmental Citizenship is a national non-partisan 501(c)(3)organization. We were founded by young activists in 1992 to encourage college students to be environmental citizens. CEC is dedicated to educating, training, and organizing a diverse, national network of young leaders to protect the environment.

Conservation Home Page (UK)
The Conservation Foundation, established in 1982, creates and manages a wide range of environmental projects.

Cornell Center for the Environment (CfE)
The Cornell Center for the Environment (CfE) is committed to research, teaching, and outreach focused on environmental issues, with the goals of enhancing the quality of life, encouraging economic vitality, and promoting the conservation of natural resources for a sustainable future. Established in 1991, the Center is a shared program of Cornell's colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Architecture, Art and Planning; Arts and Sciences; Engineering; Human Ecology; and Veterinary Medicine; the schools of Hotel Administration; Industrial and Labor Relations; and the Johnson Graduate School of Management; the Division of Biological Sciences; the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research; the Agricultural Experiment Stations; and the Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Industrial and Labor Relations Extension systems.

Cyburbia contains a selective directory of Internet resources relevant to the built environment, and also contains information about related mailing lists and newsgroups, and hosts an active bulletin board.

Earth Day 1999
With this Web Page, we hope to introduce you to key areas of research that relate to the themes of Earth Day - humankind's interactions with environmental systems.
(Many of the links in the graphic table still work.)

EnviroLink Network. Welcome to the EnviroLink Library, the most comprehensive resource of environmental information available on the Internet. We've organized the EnviroLink Library to make information easier for you to access, interact with and use. Information is categorized by types of resources (organizations, publications, etc.) and environmental topics. Extensive searching tools exist to make finding the resources you want easier. You may suggest a resource if it does not already appear in the library.

Earth Island Institute: Innovative Action for the Environment
Earth Island Institute (EII), founded in 1982 by veteran environmentalist David Brower, fosters the efforts of creative individuals by providing organizational support in developing projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment. EII provides activists the freedom to develop program ideas, supported by services to help them pursue those ideas, with a minimum of bureaucracy.
('Project Directory' & 'Earth Island Journal' have some interesting material as does 'News Room'.)

EarthLife Africa
Earthlife Africa - Volunteer Environmental Activists since 1988.
(There are various environmental reports located here. I like the 'dirty pictures' myself. When viewing, forget for a moment these pictures are in Africa and imagine how these pictures may resemble your own community.)

Eco Info Directory to the best environmental and healthy living resources on the web!
(From: - Care2 Environment Supersite.) "Care2 - Free services that help save wildlife! Care2 is the World's largest community of people who care about the Environment!"

Ecole et nature, french environmental education network
Born from several individual initiatives, the N.G.O "École et Nature" is an independant structure which assembles a large number of people working for environmental education: teachers, instructors, local collectivities and Government employees. Their local initiatives are echoed in regional and national networks. [English / Deutsch]

Ecological Society of America
The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization of scientists founded in 1915 to: stimulate sound ecological research; clarify and communicate the science of ecology; promote the responsible application of ecological knowledge to public issues.
('Links' & 'Education' are the places to view additional information.)

EE-Link: Site Map
EE-Link is a participant in the Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

Eldis home page
ELDIS is a Gateway to Information Sources on Development and the Environment. ELDIS provides an ever increasing number of descriptions and links to a variety of information sources, including WWW and gopher sites, databases, library catalogues, bibliographies, and email discussion lists, research project information, map and newspaper collections. Where there is no Internet link available, other information on the availability of databases, CDRoms, etc. is given.

Energy and the Environment: Resources for a Networked World
These pages are meant as pointers to other resources that bring this problem to light including some real classes at the University of Oregon's Environmental Studies Program.

EnviroInfo: Impact Assessment, Life Cyce, Management
EnviroInfo is a compilation of useful Internet links to Environmental Science and Technology resources. This site maintains information on organizations and companies, publications, databases and software, research and Universities. Several environmental fields are considered including: air pollution, ecology, impact and risk assessment, laws, pollution, sustainable development, soil & wetlands, water & wastewater. (From: EnviroInfo: Environmental Information Sources.)

Environment Agency of England and Wales
A better environment in England and Wales for present and future generations.

Environment Australia (Department of the Environment and Heritage) Home Page
Environment Australia advises the Commonwealth Government on policies and programs for the protection and conservation of the environment, including both natural and cultural heritage places.

Environment, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Subject Guide, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Links to environmental resources on the web, especially in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania.

Environment - Suite 101
Suite101.com is provided free of charge to you by i5ive communications, inc. under these Terms of Use. Many portions of Suite101.com are open for anyone to view, read, or download. There are, however, some areas where a free membership is required for entrance. You are responsible for your own actions, words, and statements while you are connected to Suite101.com.
(Exhaustive listing of resources here.)

Environment & Society Internet Resource Guide
By the Rensselaer Environmental Studies Program.

Environmental Education Association of Washington State
The Environmental Education Association of Washington (EEAW) is a dynamic, non-profit organization comprised of teachers, agency people, business representatives and community educators dedicated to offering and promoting effective environmental education to all sectors of Washington.
(Nice listing of EE resources as well.)

Environmental Energy Technologies Division Web Page
Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory Environmental Energy Technologies Division develops technology that uses, converts and stores energy more efficiently and with less environmental impact, and studies the link between energy use and the environment.

Environmental Ethics Certificate Program at UGA

Environmental Ethics Resources on WWW
From the Centre for Applied Ethics.

Environmental History
(A lengthy listing of various publications relating to environmental history.)

Environmental Literacy Council
This web site is intended to help students and teachers study environmental issues by guiding them to the best resources available on the Internet. Our goal is to help you find information you need from high-quality sources and to introduce you to a variety of viewpoints and thoughtful analyses on environmental issues. We will be adding more essays, activities, lesson plans, and reviews of environmental education resources.

Environmental Problem Resources
As part of our Community Outreach program, we have developed this index of over 125 environmental issues with relevant contacts within our department and elsewhere on the WWW. Below each topic are the names of one or more faculty members who have expertise in that area. By clicking on any name on the list, you will be connected to that faculty member's Web page. Their respective backgrounds, research interests, and representative publications are presented there.

Environmental Professional's Homepage - Main Page
This is a quick-load, no-nonsense work platform for rapid information retrieval designed specifically for environmental consultants and remediation professionals.

Environmental Protection Agency
The mission of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment - air, water, and land - upon which life depends.

Environmental Sciences Division (ESD), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
ORNL is a primary performer of Department of Energy research and development in basic energy sciences, energy efficiency, environmental science and technology, nuclear physics, and biological sciences.

Environmental Sites on the Internet
Developed & designed by Larsgöran Strandberg, Industrial Ecology at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm, Sweden.

European Environment Agency (EEA)
EEA was launched by the European Union (EU) in 1993 with a mandate to orchestrate, cross-check and put to strategic use information of relevance to the protection and improvement of Europe's environment.
(Interesting collection of links.)

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