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AGI, Association for Geographic infromation
The AGI GIS dictionary includes definitions for 980 terms compiled from a variety of sources which either relate directly to GIS or which GIS users may come across in the course of their work. The dictionary is also supplemented by 52 diagrams. We hope you find it a useful resource.

Association of American Geographers
For 94 years The Association of American Geographers (AAG) has contributed to the advancement of geography.

Byrd Polar Resesarch Center, Columbus, Ohio
Named in honor of one of America's most famous explorers, the Byrd Polar Research Center of The Ohio State University is recognized internationally as a leader in polar and alpine research. The Center's research programs are conducted throughout the world.

Clark Labs IDRISIS Software | Home
The Clark Labs is an educational and research institution located at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
(WWW links is what you want...)

Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
This geographic information system developed at CERL in the 1980s became a prototype that helped push industry to provide DOD and the nation with spatial tools that have become critical to environmental management.

CTI Centre for Geography, Geology & Meteorology
Our mission is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in UK higher education through the use of appropriate technologies. CTI Geography, Geology & Meteorology, University of Leicester.
('Geo- Information Gateway : CTI Centre for Geography, Geology and Meteorology' has what you need.)

CU Dept. of Geography Resources: Academic Departments
(I'd suggest the 'Geography Resources' link to get you started.)

Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
The NERC satellite receiving station at Dundee University has been systematically recording HRPT (high resolution images) from NOAA satellites on a daily basis since the launch of the prototype 3rd generation NOAA satellite TIROS-N in October 1978.
(Free images are available here as well as some which you can register for.)

Edinburgh Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Server Home Page
This WWW server is hosted by the Department of Geography at the University of Edinburgh. It provides information on all aspects of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), as well as providing a number of useful links to other servers worldwide.

EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Data collection and distribution are the business of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Data Center, or the EDC.

ESA - Satellite Applications
The European Space Agency’s Applications Directorate is responsible for three key areas of work - Navigation, Telecommunications and Earth Observation.

Geography and Map Reading Room Library of Congress
Maps and atlases were among the first items acquired when the Library of Congress was established in 1800. It was not until 1897, however, when the Library of Congress moved into its own building, that a separate Hall of Maps and Charts was created to house the growing collection of 47,000 maps and 1,200 atlases. The division now occupies an area of 90,000 square feet in the Library's James Madison Memorial Building. The area is specifically designed and constructed to accommodate a variety of cartographic collections, library functions, and a professional and technical staff of 58 persons.

Geography World (Table of Contents)
"Geography World" was created by: Mr. Brad Bowerman, a teacher at Lakeland High School, 1593 Lakeland Drive, Jermyn, PA 18433.
(You won't believe the diversity in here!)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) WWW Resource List
This is an index of World-Wide Web (WWW) servers which are likely to be of interest to the GIS community. It is maintained by Bruce M. Gittings and Anup Pradhan at the Department of Geography in the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Association for Geographic Information. These servers all provide pages in the English language.

Geomorfologia Wirtualna / Virtual Geomorphology
I have created a WWW page that is the proposal of table of contents to a non-existent geomorphology text book. The task of this page is linking to other hypertext documents that form the successive pages of the book.

Japan GIS Mapping Sciences Resource Guide: Table of Contents
For those of you new to the Guide it is the first comprehensive reference source for Japanese GIS and mapping. It attempts to bring together under one cover as much information as reasonably possible on the title and topic, without commercial endorsements of products, vendors, or contractors.

National Mapping - Home
The National Mapping Division of Geoscience Australia was formerly known as AUSLIG, Australia's national mapping agency.
In September 2001, AUSLIG merged with AGSO - Geoscience Australia to form Geoscience Australia, the national agency for spatial information. - Adventure, Maps, Travel... Resource for scientific discovery, photography, travel, exploration, maps, news, live webcams, educational tools, and an online store from the National Geographic Society.
(Tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of stuff.)

NGDC/MGG - World Data Center for Marine Geology and Geophysics, Boulder
WDC MGG, Boulder manages all types of data from the ocean floor including descriptions and analyses of seafloor samples, deep drilling data, underway geophysical measurements, and derived gridded data sets. Data are contributed by sources from around the world and were originally collected for a variety of purposes, including academic research, international and interdisciplinary scientific projects, commercial mineral resource evaluations, defense, and government environmental baseline studies.

Oxford Brookes University - Geology Links
Links to Other Earth Science Resources. This Page provides a gateway to many sources of Geological Information. A few have been listed below to get you started...

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
A new, and experienced, forum for the meeting of academia, commerce and government. Inaugarated in April 2001 by the merger of the RSS and the PSoc.

State Department: The Geographic Learning Site (geography info, maps, and more!)
US Department of State: Geographic Learning Site- a geography site with maps, geographic news, country information, flags, geography facts, and more.

Terralink International - Leaders in Land Information Solutions
Terralink International is New Zealand's leading geospatial information company. Terralink provides land information solutions, collecting, interpreting and reporting information relating to land, property and the seabed.

The Atlas of Canada - Facts about Canada
The National Atlas Information Service presents Defacto, Geographical Facts About Canada. This factbook will help you find these statistics by using tables, maps and images depicting the superlative geographical features of Canada.

The Kingston Centre for GIS
According to the International GIS Dictionary, GIS is a "computer system for capturing, managing, integrating, manipulating, analysing and displaying data which is spatially referenced to the Earth."

The UVM Spatial Analysis Lab
The Spatial Analysis Laboratory is a research facility located in the School of Natural Resources (SNR) at the University of Vermont (UVM). Most of the staff in the Lab are employees or students in SNR, but our facilities are often shared with colleagues from other units, such as the Geography Department, who collaborate on our research projects. The mission of the Laboratory is to apply appropriate techniques in GIS, remote sensing, and spatial statistics to problems in natural resource ecology and natural resources planning. The Lab specializes in biodiversity analysis, land-cover mapping, planning for conservation lands, and development of new applications for natural resource management. The Laboratory is supported entirely by grants and contracts for research.

University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
A leading academic research group in geology and geophysics, UTIG is an Organized Research Unit within the College of Natural Sciences and serves the basic and applied geophysical research and graduate student training needs of The University of Texas at Austin.

USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page
National Mapping Information.

Virtual Geography Department
Linking the discipline worldwide using the Internet and Worldwide Web.

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