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ACDIS Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security
The Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) is an interdisciplinary, research, teaching, and public service program at the University of Illinois. Established in 1978, it is devoted to advancing and disseminating knowledge about some of the most serious issues of our time, including nuclear war, regional and ethnic conflict, strategies for conflict resolution and peacemaking, uses of technology for peace, and the problem of nuclear proliferation especially in South Asia. ACDIS is a unit of International Programs and Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and receives funding from the State of Illinois, private foundations, and federal government agencies.

AFCC - an association of family, court and community professionals
AFCC is an international and interdisciplinary association of family, court, and community professionals dedicated to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

American Aribitration Association
The American Arbitration Association is available to resolve a wide range of disputes through mediation, arbitration, elections and other out-of-court settlement procedures. That the AAA has flourished for nearly 75 years affirms an unparalleled commitment to progressive leadership in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and the Association's facility for change and service innovation.

A Database on Arbitration in the widest sense of private dispute resolution. Includes links to Sources of information throughout the World, and a Diary of Events detailing meetings, symposia, conferences, and some courses. The Arbitration Database forms part of the WWW Virtual Library.

Association for Conflict Resolution
Association for Conflict Resolution. Our mission is promoting peaceful, effective conflict resolution.

Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Main Quad
This content-rich site provides a wide array of resources for university and college mediators and conflict resolvers.

Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems (CAADRS)
Our goal is to assist courts in Illinois in making the most efficient and effective use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems.

Centre for Conflict Resolution
The Centre for Conflict Resolution seeks to contribute towards a just peace in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa by promoting constructive, creative and co-operative approaches to the resolution of conflict and the reduction of violence.

Center for International Development and Conflict Management
For 17 years, the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) has provided a home base for a close-knit community of scholars who are deeply and consistently engaged in some of the most compelling issues in the world today - the incidence of war and conflict, the search for ethical meaning in a mosaic world, and the definition of development. From Central Asia to West Africa, and from South America to Eastern Europe, CIDCM has long been wrestling with important issues in areas where scholarship and social engagement converge. The global trends of democracy, growth, and conflict in the 1990s has only served to strengthen our belief that the issues to which CIDCM is committed are the right ones to investigate.

Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia
The Center for National Security Law is a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution dedicated to the promotion of interdisciplinary advanced research, scholarship, and education about legal aspects of national security problems.

Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies - Home Page
The Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies offers graduate education in conflict management and peacemaking leading to the MA degree or graduate certificate. We also offer intervention and consulting services.

Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution
Welcome to the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, a program of the University of Missouri School of Law. The Center was established in 1984 with the principal purpose of teaching law students and lawyers comprehensive, efficient and fair methods for managing and resolving disputes.

Conflict Processes Section, APSA Home Page
This is the home page of the Conflict Processes Section of the American Political Science Association. The site serves several purposes but the primary purpose is to support research on conflict processes within and between states.

Conflict Research Consortium
The Conflict Research Consortium is a multidisciplinary program of research, teaching, and application, focused on finding more constructive ways of addressing difficult, long-term, and intractable conflicts, and getting that information to the people involved in these conflicts so that they can approach them in a more constructive way. A joint university-community program, the Consortium unites researchers, educators, and practitioners from many fields for the purposes of theory-building, testing, disseminating, and applying new conflict management techniques. These efforts are designed to lead to an improved understanding of conflict dynamics, along with better methods for confronting and managing intractable conflicts and reaching good decisions. From University of Colorado at Boulder.

Conflict Resolution Network Canada
The Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution...Canada's source for conflict resolution connections, information and resources.

Conflict Resolution / Peer Mediation
(From University of Florida this site offers point by point information to set up a conflict resolution/peer mediation program in your school and other pertinent information.)

Welcome to the ConflictResolver.Com Site Index.

Conflict Transformation Program/CTP
Open to people from all parts of the world and all religious traditions, the program is an outgrowth of the long-standing Mennonite peace-church tradition. As such, it is rooted in the Anabaptist values of peace and nonviolence, social justice, service, reconciliation, personal wholeness, and appreciation for diversity of all types.
(Look into 'Web Resources on Peace & Conflict Studies'.)

CRI (Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute, Inc.)
CRI conducts research, education, training, process coaching, direct intervention, and program evaluation services for individuals and groups in conflict resolution theory and techniques in community, national, and international arenas.

CRU Institute - Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation
We are a nonprofit organization created for the purpose of teaching mediation concepts and skills to youth and adults. Experience in mediation and training make CRU Institute a unique organization. Since 1987 our trainers have conducted Student and Faculty Mediation Training at hundreds of schools. Our materials are being used by schools in the United States and numerous other countries.

Dimostenis's Conflict Resolution Page
a collection of links, search tools, and articles for researchers interested in conflict and conflict resolution.

Dispute Resolution Institute
The Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) was established in 1991 to offer high quality dispute resolution courses for law students, lawyers and other professionals. In 2001-2002, DRI will offer seven international and domestic academic programs.

Fellowship of Reconciliation - Peace, Justice and Nonviolence
The Fellowship of Reconciliation is the largest, oldest interfaith peace and justice organization in the United States.

Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium
The Consortium represents the State of Florida's commitment to finding productive and cost-effective solutions to public disputes. Since 1987, the Florida State University based Consortium, with the support of the Florida Legislature, has taken a leadership role in promoting the informed use of consensus building and alternative dispute resolution to meet the growing demand for better and more durable solutions to Florida's public problems.

Homepage for The SC Council for Conflict Resolution
Our Vision is that of a world that enables social and political structures to use open communication, freedom to debate, and the skills of principled negotiations for settlements, to demand the right to resolve their disputes responsibly and peacefully, and to channel the energy of their conflicts into the tilling of a cultural soil where all people can be allowed to grow strong by embracing the power of difference and diversity.

Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
From George Mason University.

Institute for Conflict Resolution
The Institute on Conflict Resolution advances the knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution through research, education, and curriculum development and through the collection and dissemination of information.

Institute for Dispute Resolution - University of Victoria
The Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, is an interdisciplinary centre focused on effective dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) theory and practice. IDR is the institutional structure for the Lam Chair of Law and Public Policy.

Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution
The Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution (IIMCR) is a non-profit educational institution based in Washington D.C. that is dedicated to organizing and conducting intensive four-week seminars on international mediation and conflict resolution for primarily upper-division undergraduate students and graduate students from around the world.

International Peace Burerau
The International Peace Bureau is the world´s oldest and most comprehensive international peace federation, bringing together people working for peace in many different sectors: not only pacifists but also women´s, youth, labour, religious and professional bodies.

IPI Home Page
The Iowa Peace Institute (IPI) exists to help people learn more productive patterns of communication and approaches to conflict in order to improve their professional and personal relationships. The Institute is an independent nonprofit corporation created in 1986.

Justice Institute of British Columbia:
The Justice Institute is a unique public post secondary educational institution. We provide learning opportunities for practitioners and the public which lead to improved justice and public safety services and safer communities. We offer over 400 courses in a wide range of areas, from policing to fire fighting, paramedic training, conflict resolution, specialized counselling and many others. No other educational institute in North America offers the range of justice and public safety training you will find at the Justice Institute. We are recognized throughout the world for our training expertise.

Kent State University Center for Applied Conflict Management
The Center for Applied Conflict Management (CACM) at Kent State University offers an undergraduate degree in Applied Conflict Management; conducts research and theory-building in the field of conflict studies; and provides training programs for community groups, contract services for public and private sector organizations, and consulting on conflict management processes.

LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence & Conflict Resolution - York University
The LaMarsh Centre is mandated to support, conduct, and disseminate the results of research on violence and conflict resolution in the broad sense. In particular, its aim is to carry out research which is relevant to the social concerns, first, of the residents of Ontario and, second, of Canadians in general. Information, Technology & Education Since 1996
Everything from defining mediation, to guidelines for choosing a mediator. An international searchable directory with links to mediator's web pages.

Mediation Essays, Mediation Forms and Mediation Materials
This mediation Resources site contains substantial on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Mediation Essays, More Mediation Essays, Mediation Centers, Advanced Mediation Topics, & On-Line Mediation Newsletters are all at this site.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mediation Training Institute / Dana Mediation Institute
Foremost internet provider of certification and training for managing conflict in organizations and workplaces. Mediation works. (Their links.)

National Association for Community Mediation
Community mediation offers constructive processes for resolving differences and conflicts between individuals, groups, and organizations. It is an alternative to avoidance, destructive confrontation, prolonged litigation or violence. It gives people in conflict an opportunity to take responsibility for the resolution of their dispute and control of the outcome.

Network of Communities for Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
NCPCR promotes the use and acceptance of non-violent approaches to the resolution of conflict and the improvement of conflict resolution theory and practice.

New York State Center for School Safety
The New York State Center for School Safety is a state government coordinating agency and information clearinghouse. The Center supports schools, families, communities and government organizations in creating safe and healthy environments.

NGO Committee on Disarmament
This is the homepage for the NGO Committee on Disarmament, the principal service organization for Non-Governmental Organizations (research institutes, activist/advocacy groups, volunteer organizations, professional associations) involved with disarmament in the United Nations context. We provide open channels for communication between citizens' groups, governments and UN-related bodies. This Website is intended to link issues, networks and activist campaigns.

Nonviolence Web: Your source for today's peace and antiwar news
The Nonviolence Web is home to many of the US's most dynamic peace groups.

OJPCR: The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution is intended as a resource for students, teachers and practitioners in fields relating to the reduction and elimination of conflict. It desires to be a free, yet valuable, source of information to aid anyone trying to work toward a less violent and more cooperative world.

The Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts (PARC) is an interdisciplinary center within the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, dedicated to enhancing knowledge about social conflicts -- their nature, course of development, and possible resolution -- through theory building and research, education, and practice.

Peace and Conflict Home on the Web
The purpose of this site is to serve as a virtual guide to, and library of, peace studies and conflict resolution. In 1990, I started working on this idea and by early 1992, before the world wide web existed, I created this internet site and transformed an older listserv on peace into the Peace Studies Discussion Group (or "Peace List") as a service to those in higher education interested in the interdisciplinary field of peace studies.

Peace and Conflict Research Centers, Institutes, & Organizations
University-Affiliated Centers, Institutes and Programs Associations, Consortiums, and Organizations, Virtual Networks, Relevant Organizations and Networks.

Peace Research Information Unit Bonn (PRIUB)
The Arbeitsstelle Friedensforschung Bonn(AFB)/Peace Research Information Unit Bonn (PRIUB) is a national and international advice, information, and service centre covering the whole field of research into peace and conflict. It puts scholars and institutions in touch with one another; it provides information on the organizations, concerns, and findings of peace and conflict research; it organizes discussion groups and work groups on specific topics; it provides those wishing to set up projects with advice on both technicalities and subject matter; and it provides back-up in the presentation of research findings and academic publications.

Physicians for Social Responsibility Violence Prevention
PSR's Violence Prevention Program is building a national Violence Prevention Network of physicians, public health professionals, PSR staff and supporters working to reduce firearms and domestic violence. From Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).

Promoting Tolerance - a class for highschool students.
This site is about my award winning Tolerance Class in San Clemente and contains our syllabus and lesson plans.

The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School is an applied research center committed to improving the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution. Put most simply, the Program on Negotiation is working to change the way people, organizations, and nations resolve their disputes shifting the process from "win-lose" outcomes to "all-gain" solutions.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Welcome to SIPRI! The task of our Institute is to conduct research on questions of conflict and cooperation of importance for international peace and security, with the aim of contributing to an understanding of the conditions for peaceful solutions of international conflicts and for a stable peace.

Strategies for Peace in the 21st Century: An Online Course
A free online course in which you can discuss alternative approaches to making the world more peaceful in the next century. You will discuss 4 common options for U.S. policy, and then recommend a 5th strategy of your own.
Dr. John McClellan, who has taught courses on the nuclear dilemma, future studies, and conflict resolution. A Professor at Quinebaug Valley Community-Technical College in Danielson, CT, U.S.A., he will moderate the discussions.

The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame is a leading international center for education, research, and outreach on peace. Our programs emphasize international norms and institutions; religious, philosophical, and cultural dimensions of peace; conflict transformation; and social, economic, and environmental justice.

United States Institute of Peace - Committed to the Prevention, Management, and Peaceful Resolution of International Conflict
The United States Institute of Peace Web site promotes the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts with infromation on research grants, fellowships, professional training, education, conferernces, workshops, library services and publications.

Welcome to - the place to help yourself and others
Action Without Borders is a global coalition of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.

Western Justice Center - resources for intergroup dialogue, mediation and conflict resolution.
Learn new approaches to resolving conflicts.

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