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CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
Welcome to CataList, the catalog of LISTSERV lists! From this page, you can browse any of the 28,017 public LISTSERV lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about LISTSERV host sites. This information is generated automatically from LISTSERV's LISTS database and is always up to date.

L-Soft List Search
This form allows you to search the database for lists whose name (XYZ-L), host name (LISTSERV.XYZ.EDU) and/or title ("Central America Discussion List") matches your search string. You can search for multiple topics by separating them with a comma. For instance, a search on "opera,classical" will return all the entries containing the word "opera" OR the word "classical". To search for a topic that actually contains a comma, type two commas in a row.

Law Lists Info
This Introduction describes what the Law Lists guide is, how to use it, and how to use electronic mailing lists generally in legal work. Law Lists includes electronic discussion groups run by mailing list management software (listserv, listproc, majordomo, mailbase, etc.), newsletters, journals, etc. The Law Lists guide is intended to facilitate person-to-person networking, legal research, and exchange and dissemination of legal information worldwide. It generally does not include lists on commercial online services or that are fee-based. It does not include opt-out lists (lists for sending unsolicited e-mail/"spam"), only opt-in lists., The Email List Owner and Ezine Publisher Resource Network
Subscribe, unsubscribe and send commands to mailing and discussion lists and groups.

Lyris, Email List Server, Home Page
Lyris was the first email list server to offer an easy-to-use web interface for list administrators and members. This allows list administrators to easily perform list management tasks by using the web interface or email. List members also have a choice of using email or the web interface to read, search or contribute to a discussion list.

List archives at NETSPACE.ORG

PAML - The Directory of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Welcome to the Internet's premier Mailing List Directory! We're better because we actively keep our mailing list entries up to date. We might not be the biggest, but we personally guarantee that our listings are the most accurate.

Welcome to HEPROC, the Higher Education Processes network
HEPROC is a community of 2200 educators in 40 countries, serving each other as networking partners. With over a dozen forums covering specialized subjects, HEPROC can help with your research and informational needs.

Yahoo! Groups - Formerly - Home
Full-featured, multi-functional and FREE group communication tools - mailing lists, chat, document sharing and more! (I'd suggest taking the tour.)

Yahoo! Groups: writerlist
eGroups, Inc. is a free service that allows people to create or join email groups to share interests and exchange ideas. Virtually everyone with an email address can use eGroups. eGroups serves over 14 million members who belong to thousands of diverse and active email groups. These free email groups provide easy features such as group calendars; file sharing for storing photos, documents and MP3s; a group polling feature; and message archives. eGroups provides targeted email advertising solutions tailored to each group. eGroups is a privately held company with offices in California, New York, Germany, and Japan and employs more than 150 people.

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