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Branner Earth Sciences Library -- Introduction to The Map Collections
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(Another must see.)

CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
The maps which are listed here have been selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting. They are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use. Note that there is some overlap in geographic coverage between these categories.

Color Landform Maps of the United States
Shaded relief maps showing landforms of each US state. Satellite views of 48 states. 1895 maps. External links to newpapers, weather, and more.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
The David Rumsey Collection includes 18th and 19th century historical North and South American atlases, globes, school geographies, maritime charts, and separate maps including wall, pocket, and manuscript.

Duke U. Perkins Library Public Docs & Maps - Maps & GIS
The Map Collection contains over 125,000 paper maps with local, state, national, and international coverage, including topographic maps, topical maps, navigation charts, road and street maps, page-sized reference maps, and selected early 20th century maps. We're a depository for both U.S. and Canadian government maps. (Related links are just inside and part way down.)
From: Duke University Libraries

Geography and Map Division Homepage, Library of Congress
The Geography and Map Division (G&M) has custody of the largest and most comprehensive cartographic collection in the world with collections numbering over 4.5 million maps including 60,000 atlases, 6,000 reference works, numerous globes and plastic relief models, and a large number of cartographic material in other formats, including electronic. These cartographic materials date from fourteenth century portolan charts through recent geographic information systems data sets.

John R. Borchert Map Library
(You gotta look at the 'Reasearch Tools' and especially the 'Maps in the News' section to give you an idea as to the depth of offerings from this site!)

MSN Maps & Directions (MapBlast!)
As Vicinity Corporation is now part of Microsoft Corporation, we have combined MapBlast! with MSN Maps & Directions. Our goal is to merge the best content from each site and continue providing you with fast and accurate mapping and trip planning free-of-charge. The MapBlast! Web site is no longer supported. You are now encouraged to use the MSN Maps & Directions Web Site.

Map Machine @
Contains maps, profiles, and facts about the countries of the world and the U. S. states.

Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
If you register, we will save your preferences. You can even create an address book with your home and work addresses, plus your favorite restaurants, stores, parks, museums, and more!
It's FREE!

Mercator's World
Mercator's World is a bi-monthly magazine that examines and celebrates the exploration, discovery, and mapping of Earth and space. Created for map and aficionados, geography buffs, and adventure seekers, Mercator's World focuses on the art, history, culture, and technology of cartography, geography, and exploration.
(' Resources & Links ' is where you will find many good links.)

Oddens's Bookmarks
The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping - Now over 19,000 Cartographic Links.
(A must see!)

Quick Maps of The World
(They now have maps suitable for printing which can be colored in as well as links to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles index, et., al.)

ReliefWeb Homepage
Except where otherwise indicated, the maps have been produced by ReliefWeb.

Take a Free Trip on AutoPilot®  
Use the powerful AutoPilot® Trip Planner to create a customized itinerary based on your needs...and select the things you want to see along the way! Then book your hotels! And don't forget to visit our special TravelMart!

The American Experience - Nuclear Blast Mapper
Supply Blast Mapper with any location, and it will display a map that shows a nuclear weapon's "zones of destruction" with that location at the center.
(A joint venture between PBS Online and WGBH).

The Atlas of Canada
The Atlas of Canada Web site will provide the most interesting, dynamic and comprehensive collection of maps and related information about Canada available anywhere on the Internet, with effective and intuitive tools for users to access them.

UCB Earth Sciences & Map Library HomePage
(Internet Resources are under the 'Collections' header. Restricted areas are clearly marked.)

USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page
Consolidated pricing and ordering information on products available for sale from the USGS is now available online.

UT Library Online - Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
A feature of UT Library Online. The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.

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