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Center for Environmental Philosophy
The Center for Environmental Philosophy was created by the board of directors of Environmental Philosophy, Inc., a nonprofit corporation of the State of New Mexico. It is the product of a number of activities begun with the creation of the journal Environmental Ethics.

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
We just added a new, more powerful search engine. Editor's Note: This dictionary is intended as a free resource to all those interested in the philosophy of mind.

EIoP - European Integration online Papers
The EIoP is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary working paper series in the field of European integration research. Scientific contributions from all relevant disciplines are welcome, e.g. from legal studies, political science, economics, sociology, and history. For Philosophy Resources on the Internet includes thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet and has several additional features. As it is updated often, regular visitors would do well to find out what is new and read the information about ELC. Also, the email newsletter helps you to stay in touch with philosophy online.

Institute for Objectivist Studies
The Mission of The Objectivist Center is to advance Objectivist ideas and ideals in our culture and society and to create an open community of people who share those ideals. We are crusaders for rational individualism, and a home for rational individualists.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are currently from three sources (1) original contributions by specialized philosophers around the internet, (2) adaptations of material written by the editors for classroom purposes, and (3) adaptations from public domain sources (typically from two or more sources for per article). Articles of types 2 and 3 are designated as "proto articles," and over time we wish to replace all of these with original contributions by specialized philosophers (see submission guidelines). Proto articles are identifiable by the inclusion of the initials IEP at the foot of the article. By contrast, specialized articles are identifiable by the author's name at the close.

Objectivism Home Page
The goal of the Objectivism Web Service is to provide information on a variety of organizations, services and events that may be of interest to people interested in Objectivism. However, inclusion of an organization neither implies endorsement of it by the editors of this site, nor endorsement of this site by it. As advocates of rationality and intellectual independence, we believe each individual should determine the merits of the information provided, whether that information is local or remote. Therefore, we have not attempted to "screen" organizations for intellectual purity; the decision to participate with any organization is left up to the individual.

Philosophy around the Web
The main purpose of this page is to act as a guide and a gateway to philosophy resources on the Internet.

Philosophy at Large
philosophy @ is a guide to philosophy resources on the web. The site was founded by Professor Stephen Clark and is edited and hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool.

Philosophy at Texas A&M
From Texas A&M. We are an important center of work on classical American philosophy. University Distinguished Professor John J. McDermott is well-known for his work on William James, Josiah Royce, and John Dewey.

Philosophy Department
- Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5012.

Philosophy Documentation Center
The Philosophy Documentation Center is a non-profit organization that has been serving the philosophical community since 1966. Located at Bowling Green State University, the Philosophy Documentation Center has earned a reputation for excellence with the production and worldwide distribution of a variety of high-quality publications, including philosophical directories, bibliographies, scholarly journals, and instructional software for philosophers.

Philosophy in Cyberspace
See: Monash University Personal Page Disclaimer.
(Uhhh, don't let that stop 'ya though, lotsa stuff here.)

Philosophy Links on the Net

Routledge - Part of the Taylor & Francis Group
(In keeping with this being a commercial site, I recommend the Resource Centres & Electronic Journals areas as they have the links to other sites.)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Welcome to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the first dynamic encyclopedia. In a dynamic encyclopedia, each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field (the authors are given direct electronic access to a copy of their entry). Unlike static reference works which are fixed on the printed page or on CD-ROM and which often become outdated soon after they are published, this reference work is responsive to new research, for it constantly changes with the addition of new entries and the modification of existing entries.

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
This page has been designed for the purpose of organizing the resources on Chinese philosophy that can be found in the 'cyberspace'. It is my goal in setting up this page to attract more people, who are interested in searching for the answers of their life, not to limit themselves within the scope of traditional Western philosophies, but to open themselves to some alternatives offered by several schools of Chinese philosophy.

The American Humanist Association
The American Humanist Association is a national organization founded in 1941 to promote humanism in the United States. The AHA represents both secular and religious naturalistic humanism, and cooperates with other national and international humanist organizations to advance the ideals of humanism. The AHA organizes and supports local humanist chapters in many major American cities, is a full member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and provides support for other humanist organizations, including the Humanist Institute, the Humanist Society of Friends, the Friends of Religious Humanism, the AHA Feminist Caucus, and the Humanist Chapter Assembly. The AHA has an active outreach program that provides humanist celebrants, chaplains, advocates, speakers, and advisors to help individuals and organizations that need non-sectarian assistance from a naturalistic philosophical viewpoint.

The American Philosophical Association
The American Philosophical Association is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. Founded in 1900, its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline.

The Ayn Rand Institute
The Ayn Rand Institute is the center for the advancement of Objectivism, Ayn Rand's philosophy of reason, egoism, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism.

The Institute of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
The Institute of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), runs a large, international program in philosophy, offering a complete series of degrees from BA to PhD, each of which is fully recognized throughout the world. The instruction is in English, and we currently have over 100 students enrolled.

The Six Enneads By Plotinus - Written 250 A.C.E.
From The Internet Classics Archives.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Philosophy
The WWW Philosophy Virtual Library is located at the University of Bristol, hosted jointly by the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Learning and Research Technology.

University of Chicago Philosophy Project
This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion of philosophical works. The University of Chicago Philosophy Project contains several philosophical discussions between small groups of participants. Each group is run by a moderator, who selects the participants for her group and organizes the discussion. The moderator for each group is chosen by the administrators of the University of Chicago Philosophy Project.

Wadsworth Philosophy Shoppe
Welcome to the Wadsworth Philosophy Shoppe! This is a comprehensive resource center for instructors, students, and anyone intrigued with philosophy.

Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
Principia Cybernetica tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies.

World's Smallest Political Quiz
(A few radio buttons and 'poof' your Political / Philosophical inclinations are rendered for you.)

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