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'Archive im Internet'
(While similar to Archiefnet in theme it has a notable difference, I think it's from an Archival School.)

Community of Science, Inc. (COS)
is a network of scientists and research organizations on the World Wide Web. Our mission is to help you find funding, collaborate with colleagues, and promote your research. COS has been publishing on the Web since February 1994 and currently works with 500,000 scientists, 800 universities, leading R&D corporations, and government agencies.

HighBeam™ Research
eLibrary is now HighBeam™ Research

HEA- home page & Frame
The HEA site provides information on higher education and research in Ireland. It includes links to universities and other colleges, European programmes such as Erasmus and Tempus and other useful sites.

Historical Archives of the European Communities
("A highly specialised reference library, including published diplomatic documents and monographs on European integration and international relations since 1945 in five Community languages, is available to researchers in the Archives' reading room."
Find that phrase, click 'library' and you are veritably on your way to a monolithic cornucopia of data.)

International Council on Archives (ICA)
The ICA is the professional organization for the world archival community, dedicated to the preservation, development and use of the world's archival heritage. Current Projects:
ICA/DAT - Project Group on Terminology
ICA/PAR - Project Group on Architectural Records
ICA/PAV - Project Group on Audio-Visual Archives
ICA/PDP - Project Group on the Protection of Archives in the Event of Armed Conflict or Other Disasters
ICA/PLA - Project Group on Literature and Art Archives.

National Archives and Record Administration of the USA
Welcome to NARA: Find speeches from the Archivist and Hot Topics. Learn about NARA's mission, history, values, Strategic Plan and performance measurements, program goals, partnerships, and more...

(OPLIN) - Ohio Public Library Information Network
If this is your first visit to OPLIN's Web site, take a quick look at what's available by clicking Site Map in the upper-right corner.

Regard - An ESRC funded database service for social science research [Home]
Regard is an online database containing information on social science research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Regard is publicly and freely available on the World Wide Web. It contains over 65,000 records, dating back to the mid-1980's and is updated daily to include the most current research.

The Institute For Advanced Interdisciplinary Research
The Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (IAIR) is a Texas non-profit organization that serves government, industry, and the community by providing research, information, and services designed to aid in anticipating and managing change. Its goal is to enhance society's quality of life and provide a path to a sustainable future. Its strategies include public education, client services, and state of the art communication of issues, ideas, and knowledge.
(Also find a small collection of "classic etexts".)

The Johns Hopkins University: Research Information and Resources
The Johns Hopkins University is America's first research university. It is a world leader in research in medicine, public health, the arts and sciences and engineering.

The University of Illinois Academics & Research
The goal of the University Library is to become the nation's leading institution in terms of physical and electronic access to its collections. The Library is already well-known for allowing anyone--not just the university community--to use its collection on-site.
The University Library holds more than eight million volumes, more than 90,000 serial titles, and more than six million manuscripts, maps, slides, audio tapes, microforms, videotapes, laser discs, and other non - print material.

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