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American Statistical Association
Amstat Online ( is the official web site of the American Statistical Association. It serves the members of ASA as well as the broader scientific community and the public at large. The aim of Amstat Online is to be "Statistics Central" for the United States of America.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
BEA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The mission of BEA is to produce and disseminate accurate, timely, relevant, and cost-effective economic accounts statistics that provide government, businesses, households, and individuals with a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of economic activity. BEA's national, regional, and international economic accounts present basic information on such key issues as U.S. economic growth, regional economic development, and the Nation's position in the world economy.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
(Take a gander at the 'Other Statistical Sites' - lengthy and loaded.)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US DOT
As a statistical agency, BTS is involved in data collection, quality assurance, and dissemination of statistical products. Since transportation exists to overcome geography, BTS is also a mapping agency involved in geographic data and geographic information systems (GIS) technology. BTS does not centralize DOT's many statistical and mapping programs, but rather develops bridges for those programs to provide a complete, accurate picture of transportation.

Central Statistics Office, Ireland
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) collects, compiles, analyses and disseminates statistical information relating to the economic and social life of Ireland. It is also responsible for co-ordinating official statistics of other public authorities and for developing the statistical potential of administrative records.

Data on the Net - UCSD
Search for Social Sciences Data on the Net.

FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual databases currently containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics in the following areas: Production, Trade, Food Balance Sheets, Fertilizer and Pesticides, Land Use and Irrigation, Forest Products, Fishery Products, Population, Agricultural Machinery & Food Aid Shipments.

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology
The Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) is an interagency committee dedicated to improving the quality of Federal statistics.
(A good starting point is Statistical Agencies.)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's mission is to maintain the stability of and public confidence in the nation's financial system. To achieve this goal, the FDIC has insured deposits and promoted safe and sound banking practices since 1933.

FedStat-One stop shopping for fed stats
All of the statistical information available through FedStats is maintained and updated solely by Federal agencies on their own Internet servers.
(As with BLS - look at the links.)

Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
Geostat supports a wide range of academic and scholarly activities through access to extensive collections of numeric and geospatial data files; computing facilities and software for data manipulation, research, and instruction; and a suite of Internet-accessible data extraction tools.

Government Information Sharing Project
From: Oregon State University. The Government Information Sharing Project creates software to provide a Web interface to government information, but the data itself is collected, compiled, and published by government agencies.

HyperStat Online
HyperStat Online is an introductory-level hypertext statistics book.

InfoNation is an easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.

IRS Home Page - IRS Select Tax Statistics from their toolbar.
Remember what Mark Twain said about statistics? Well, obviously he hadn't heard about our Tax Stats page. There's a wealth of information about the financial composition of individuals, business taxpayers, tax exempt organizations and more. This data has been sampled from all kinds of returns and sorted in lots of interesting ways. These facts will amuse some of you. Others will find them worth their weight in gold. And everyone is happy, statistically speaking.

Journal of Statistics Education
The Journal of Statistics Education disseminates knowledge for the improvement of statistics education at all levels, including primary, secondary, post-secondary, postgraduate, continuing, and workplace education. It is distributed electronically and, in accord with its broad focus, publishes contributions that enhance the exchange of a diversity of interesting and useful information among educators, practitioners, and researchers around the world.

National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA)
The National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging is a research storehouse of information and data on aging. NACDA is funded by the National Institute on Aging and is located at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research in Ann Arbor Michigan. NACDA exists to advance research on aging by helping researchers profit from the under-exploited potential of a broad range of datasets. NACDA acquires and preserves data relevant to gerontological research, processing as needed to promote effective research use, disseminates them to researchers, and facilitates their use.

National Center for Education Statistics
Part of the U.S. Department of Education, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.

National Center for Health Statistics
NCHS is the primary Federal organization responsible for the collection, analyses, and dissemination of health statistics. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is a part of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To meet priority data needs for public health, NCHS works closely with other Federal agencies as well as researchers and academic institutions.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
The National Technical Information Service serves our Nation as the largest, central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today. For more than 50 years NTIS has assured businesses, universities, and the public timely access to nearly 3 million publications covering over 350 subject areas. Our mission supports the Nation's economic growth by providing access to information that stimulates innovation and discovery.

Office for National Statistics
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is a UK Government Agency that produces and disseminates social, health, economic, demographic, labour market and business statistics.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
The OECD groups 30 member countries in an organisation that, most importantly, provides governments a setting in which to discuss, develop and perfect economic and social policy. They compare experiences, seek answers to common problems and work to co-ordinate domestic and international policies that increasingly in today's globalised world must form a web of even practice across nations. Their exchanges may lead to agreements to act in a formal way - for example, by establishing legally-binding codes for free flow of capital and services, agreements to crack down on bribery or to end subsidies for shipbuilding. But more often, their discussion makes for better informed work within their own governments on the spectrum of public policy and clarifies the impact of national policies on the international community. And it offers a chance to reflect and exchange perspectives with other countries similar to their own.

Population Reference Bureau
The Population Reference Bureau is the leader in providing timely and objective information on U.S. and international population trends and their implications.

Research Dev. & Stats: Home Office (UK)
We provide information that helps Ministers and policy makers take evidence-based decisions, and also help the police, probation service, the courts, immigration officials and fire-fighters to do their jobs as effectively as possible. We do so both by maintaining the various statistical services published by the Home Office and by carrying out research ourselves or commissioning others to do so.

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
HyperStat Online: An online statistics book with links to other statistics resources on the web, Simulations/Demonstrations: Java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts, Case Studies: Examples of real data with analyses and interpretation & Analysis Lab: Some basic statistical analysis tools.

SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and statistics.
Welcome to the Information Technology (IT) Acquisition Database. This database is a valuable resource to justice agencies, as well as vendors, contractors and others. It contains actual agency documents, such as Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information, that relate to criminal justice issues, with an emphasis on IT acquisition. SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, operates the IT Acquisition Database under funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice.

Singapore Department of Statistics
Welcome to the Statistics Singapore Home Page, a service provided by the Singapore Department of Statistics. The Department is the national statistical authority responsible for disseminating official statistics on Singapore.

Social Security Administration, Office of Policy
The Social Security Administration's Office of Policy is responsible for conducting policy analysis, research and evaluation to produce useful, objective, credible and timely data and policy options. This information enhances the abilities of the Commissioner of SSA and the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Policy to make informed policy choices. OP also shares our work with other analysts and researchers, other decision-makers and the public to increase their ability to contribute to informed policy choices. This Web page is a major vehicle for this information dissemination.

Social Statistics Briefing Room (Whitehouse)
The purpose of this service is to provide easy access to current Federal social statistics. It provides links to information produced by a number of Federal agencies. All of the information included in the Social Statistics Briefing Room is maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies. All the estimates for the indicators presented in the Federal Statistics Briefing Rooms are the most currently available values. Crime, Demographic, Education & Health Statistics.

STAT-USA/Internet Home Page
STAT-USA/Internet, a service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the site for the U.S. business, economic and trade community, providing authoritative information from the Federal government.

Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada's Web site ( provides free economic, social and census data, electronic publications plus daily analysis of statistical releases. Data services for a fee include online CANSIM and trade databases and electronic publications.

Statistics Finland
Basic statistics on Finland, statistics on the economy and economic trends. Selected subject areas are covered by more detailed statistics, both as tables and publications (pdf-format). Links to other organisations producing statistics on Finland.

Statistics for Everyone
Excellent explanation of basic terms in statistics, including mean, median, percent change, and per capita.
(Part of Niles Online.)

Statistics Indonesia
The BPS Web Site, is a service provided by Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS - Statistics Indonesia) of the Republic of Indonesia, for the purpose of promoting the statistical information it produces to the people of the Internet. BPS is a non-departmental government institution which collects, processes, and disseminates statistical information for the other government institutions of the Republic of Indonesia, and for the society at large.

Statistics New Zealand Te Tari Tatau
Statistics New Zealand (Te Tari Tatau is its Mäori name) is a government department and New Zealand's national statistical office. It administers the Statistics Act 1975, and is the country's major source of official statistics. Its chief executive has the title of Government Statistician. Prior to December 1994, Statistics New Zealand was known as the Department of Statistics.

Statistics Norway: Main Page
Statistics Norway was established in 1876 and has since been Norway's central institution for producing official statistics, playing and important role in Norwegian society. Through collection, processing and dissemination of statistics and analyses, Statistics Norway contributes to ensure that public planning and social management are based on the best possible factual basis, strengthen and develop democracy, and improve the functioning of business.
(I suggest the Guide in the upper right hand corner.)

The Source of UK Official Statistics and Data: Welcome
The Government Statistical Service (GSS) produces and disseminates official UK statistics and data through various media including StatBase TimeZone and the source.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics
Departments, Divisions and Schools of Statistics - Multi National, Statistical Research Groups, Institutes, and Associations.

United Nations Index to Economic and Social Development Programme
Statistics covering a wide area.

United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)
Objectives: To identify, establish, strengthen and coordinate population information activities at international, regional and national levels; to facilitate and enhance the availability of population information in collaboration with the regional commissions, the specialized agencies and the NGO population community; and to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences among developed and developing countries on population information issues.

United Nations Statistics Division
The United Nations Statistics Division provides a wide range of statistical outputs and services for producers and users of statistics worldwide. By increasing the global availability and use of official statistics, this work facilitates national and international policy formulation, implementation and monitoring.

U.S. Depository Ready Reference Collection
General Sources, Agriculture, Business/Economics, Census, Crime & Justice, Education, Energy, Environment, Foreign Countries, Government & Law, Health, Military, Minerals & Mining, Science & Engineering, Transportation. This is a subject arrangement of the most frequently used depository document titles at Columbia University Libraries.

U.S. Energy Information Administration
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is a statistical agency in the U.S. Department of Energy created by Congress in 1977. EIA's mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government, and the general public. EIA has legal authority to survey energy companies and individuals in the United States. In order to ensure EIA's objectivity about issues that often have great national importance, Congress mandated that EIA's information be developed independently of the policy objectives of the Department of Energy and other parts of government.

U.S. National Debt Clock
This debt clock is maintained by Ed Hall ( It was last calibrated using information obtained from the U.S. Department of the Treasury dated 8 April 2002.

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
The goal of this project is to provide interactive, web-based modules for students and teachers of probability and statistics. If this is your first visit, please read the introduction.

Vital Records Information for United States
Information about where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from each state, territory and county of the U.S.

World & U.S. Population Clocks From the U.S. Census Bureau.

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