7 Sources.

AltaVista: Translations
To translate, type plain text or the address (URL) of a Web page.

ComComTech's Total Quality Translation
French-to-English translation/Traduction français vers l'anglais.

InterTran ™
Internet Translator ™ can translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages.

Multilingual Information Center about Esperanto:
Information in many languages about Esperanto.

Systran Translation Software - Homepage
Free Online Translations.
('bout the same as AltaVista.)

The Universal Translator!
It's here! Surf the Web in your native tongue with the Universal Translator. Type in a URL, select your language and warp off to destinations unknown...
Pick a Language: n3W! k3W| hAcK3r, Skinhead, Pimp, Smurf, Ozzie, Cockney, Rhyming, Slang & Redneck.
(This one has more than the standard features that most of the 'URL' translators have. If you have RealPlayer it helps.)

travlang's Translating Dictionaries
travlang's is proud to offer many on-line translating dictionaries!
These are all free, so bookmark this page now and we hope you enjoy them!

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