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The Kim Komando Radio Show®--One of the Top 10 Programs in the US!
The Kim Komando Computer Show. Providing free information that makes using your computer easy and fun. Browse our library of articles, frequently asked questions, computer tips, tricks and secrets, kool web sites, network radio shows, and a lot more! Take command of your computer with the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando.
(Great show for the novice who'd like to learn more about their machine, software and a miriad of other relative topics.)

r a i n g o d
is very helpful. And of course, any specific questions/problems can be asked right here, in this forum.
(Check out the resources and site index.)

Welcome to the Web Diner! Web Page Tutorials, Help, Downloadable Clipart and More!
The Web Diner's offers simple tutorials for beginning web page builders, free graphics, specific instructions for AOL members, tips, hints, and much more.

Ranking - Viewability

any browser.com
ANYBrowser.com is the place to find out how to make your web site viewable, usable and informative for the majority of your visitors.

MSN TV Server Developer
Learn how to make your Web sites look great on television. How the WebTV browser supports different Internet technologies.

HTML Meta-Tags Generator
This is an advanced meta tag generator from Zoran.net but it does have instructions.


Keyword Count
Analyze the keyword frequencies of the top words on a URL.

Meta tag analyser
Find out if your meta tags are robot friendly. This is a free service from Scrub The Web.

Meta Tags
Meta tags - what, where, when, why?

Search Engine Tactics (v. 2.2) - A Free E-Book
How to Submit Your Site and Come Up First in the Search Engines.

Search Engine Watch
Welcome! Most visitors to Search Engine Watch fall into one of two groups. There are webmasters, web marketers and others involved with creating and promoting web sites. Then there are search engine users, everyone from researchers, librarians and general web surfers who want to know how to find things better using search engines.

Today on HotWired!
HotWired, the first commercial Web-native publication, is a central source for understanding, experiencing, and innovating the Web. It includes Wired News, with continuous updates from the digital front; Webmonkey, the Web's best - and best-loved - developer resource; RGB Gallery, the home of cutting-edge multimedia art online; Animation Express, where the best in Web entertainment comes alive; and more.

Viewable With Any Browser
Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW.


Here's the site that lists all of the international Top Level Domains.

Internet Traffic Report
The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Stuff for 'Puters

Kira's Web Toolbox
Exclusive Tools, Webmaster's Tools, Sysadmin Tools as well as Books & Reference.

The PC Guide - Topic Index (No Frames)
This index goes down to the level of specific topics on the site, and the links stay within the conventional frame structure of The PC Guide.

Let Lockergnome do the work for you! We'll e-mail our Windows 95/98/NT newsletter to you for FREE--packed with the latest 32-bit downloads (freeware & shareware), websites, games, media, fonts, updates & patches, themes, tips & tricks, computer industry news, and more. Subscribe today.

WebReview.com is the longest-standing weekly site dedicated to Web designers and developers. Team training for all members of Web teams.


The Best of the Web
This is the Headquarters for the Best of the Web Awards, which aims to highlight those places that best show the quality, versatility, and power of the World Wide Web.

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