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CSS Gallery - Microsoft
The gallery pages have been designed for display in the release version of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.01 (4.70.1155) on Windows 95 or Windows NT.

CSS - Webopedia Definition and Links
This page describes the term 'CSS' and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

Effective Use of Cascading Style Sheets (Alertbox July 1997)
CSS promotes site consistency and improved usability if linked (not embedded), centrally designed (not by page authors), and actively evangelized with example-rich style manuals. Respect user preferences.

HTML Bad Style Page
A collection of DONTs for HTML. I hope this page serves in some way as an educational tool for users learning HTML. This collection is in no way comprehensive, just some of the more common problems that I see.

StyleSheet Maker++
Home of The CoffeeCup HTML Editor, The CoffeeCup Image Mapper++, and CoffeeCup Direct FTP....The Coolest Tools on the Web!

The House of Style CSS Resources
These pages contain information about cascading style sheets, or CSS. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive CSS Handbook, Tutorials and Cookbook, CSS Gallery of examples, software, book reviews, browser support information and more.

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